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Photography for Parents

中文班 Chinese classes


The Curriculum for Math Competition Classes
The Math Competition classes at Hope Chinese School, Herndon include 3 levels of classes, including Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Competition class. These classes are designed to explore the mathematical potential of students at elementary and middle school levels. The main objectives are to introduce important mathematical concepts, develop mathematical problems solving ability, master major strategies for solving many difficult word problems following rigorous mathematics disciplines in their early educations, strengthen mathematical intuition, and foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity, and to stimulate enthusiasm and a love for mathematics, and to provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges.

AP Physics
The class will be taught by Dr. Fuming Chu, who is a great mentor and a longtime member of this community. We are pleased to have him to serve our community. This class will be taught in small class size with a maximum enrollment of 8 students. Please see the class description by clicking the course link.

See how Teacher Kang has taught his son to achieve various math awards. Teacher Kang and his son are eager to share the secrets and make your children as successful.

Math 1 and Math 2,covering NNAT and Cogat
Both Math 1 (NNAT) and Math 2 (CogAT) courses offered in our school are intensive courses for children in grades K, 1, 2 & 3. The objective of the course is to prepare students in these grades to take NNAT and CogAT in order to qualify for the GT programs. These courses are designed to introduce and enrich the skills needed to score highly on the CogAT & NNAT. The courses are taught by an experienced math teacher, who has helped many students to successfully achieve their goals. Historically, students who took these courses often score favorably in NNAT and CogAT exams. About 30 students achieved a high percentile ranking in NNAT (99%) and in CogAT (average 98%) last school year

Math grade 5 and 6

English Writing Classes
Advanced Writing
The hallmark of the course is the integration of grammar concepts with sophisticated and advanced writing techniques. The students will write daily in class and will be assigned one essay per week. Writing or grammar concepts learned that week will be required in their essays.

Middle School Writing
The middle school age writing course is a natural progression up from the elementary writing course (grades 4-6) and a standard lead-up to the new advanced writing course being offered at the HCS in the spring. Successful completion of the middle school course will make for a seamless transition to the curriculum offered in the advanced course.

绘画 painting classes
初级绘画班 Beginner
在绘画基本功训练的基础下,激发孩子创造力,想象力,培养对美的感受力和欣赏 能力。在教学中让孩子们开阔眼界,欣赏多种绘画艺术的表现方法和形式,培养动 手能力和表现能力,让孩子们在绘画创作中找到乐趣。

Parent Painting(2 hours)

Computer Programming classes
Scratch 3D

Parent Workout classes

Sunshine classes
GT Prep Class for 1st & 2nd Graders by Sunshine Academy
GT prep (NNAT, CogAT, DRA and MRA) classes for 1st & 2nd graders

Small Groups and Effective Writing Classes for 3rd - 6th Graders by Sunshine Academy
Each class will have 5-10 students. The tuition is $26 per week. In these writing classes, each student will finish at least one writing assignment each week. For the genres of writing, we’ll teach Descriptive Writing, Creative Writing, Expository Writing, Journals and Letters, Narrative Writing, Persuasive Writing, Poetry Writing, Research Reports and Responses to Literature. Reading is certainly the foundation for writing. We’ll provide students with ample reading and writing samples so that students can read and learn.

IAAT Prep for 5th & 6th Graders by Sunshine Academy
Throughout the IAAT prep classes, students will take 10 full-length practice tests that encompass all the tested concepts.

SAT Prep and 8th & 9th Grade English Reading and Writing by Sunshine Academy
In the 8th & 9th Grade English Reading and Writing class, we will teach reading comprehension, essay writing, grammar, and vocabulary building skills and strategies.
In the SAT Prep class, we will teach critical reading, evidence-based essay writing, writing style and tone, and proper language use. We will also provide students with full-length SAT tests to familiarize them with the format and the content of the tests.

TJ Prep by Sunshine Academy
Throughout the TJ prep classes, students will take 10 full-length practice tests that encompass all of the tested concepts.